PhotoGeek week #7

Click to hear now. In this episode of PhotoGeek’s weekly audio podcast, we talk about infra red conversion of digital cameras with Jay Town. Hosts include Phil Greenwood, James Belew, Cameron Tandy, and Michael Griffin. We talk via Skype to Russell from Ausmedia about the range of wide format printers and media now available from… Continue reading PhotoGeek week #7

iMac Pro soon?

Could it be that Apple are about to release a Pro version of the popular 20 and 24 inch iMac? With the ever increasing power available on the iMac platform and its use as a workstation in collaborative environments, it would make sense to release a brushed metal high end version for those applications. A… Continue reading iMac Pro soon?

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Parallels 3.0 released

Just a week after announcing the Release Candidate of Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac the final release version of 3.0 is live and ready for sale! Announced today the version 3 is on sale for $99 Au or upgrade for $60 Au. In this version Parallels announced: Security Manager: A built in management tool that… Continue reading Parallels 3.0 released

Vintage camera poster

How would you like one of these hanging in the office? This limited edition poster is from Rod Hunting, a designer from Chicago. It is line drawing of 14 vintage cameras from around the world. He writes: “I’m a big fan of vintage cameras. Lately I’ve been obsessed with drawing old cameras & electronics… I… Continue reading Vintage camera poster

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Nikon D3 rumors abound

It seems the rumor of a high end Nikon are out and about. On the message boards at DP review there is talk of an 18.7 megapixel almost full frame sensor made by Sony believed to be at the heart of the new Nikon. This would be a radical departure for Nikon who in the… Continue reading Nikon D3 rumors abound

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PhotoGeek week #6

Click to hear now. In this episode of PhotoGeek’s weekly audio podcast, we talk about a number of new gadgets and bits of odd gear. Hosts include Phil Greenwood, James Belew, and Michael Griffin. Cameron away on assignment so we were just the three of us. More on “Is film dead” Dan Vance’s hand built… Continue reading PhotoGeek week #6

The VanceCam VC25P Camcorder

When Dan Vance decided to make “Cold Day in Hell”, an independant Sci Fi feature, he wanted a tapeless digital camera. Instead of paying big bucks for an advanced HD Cam from Sony or without waiting for The RED digital camera, Dan made his own. The VanceCam VC25P Camcorder is a 25 fps progressive scan… Continue reading The VanceCam VC25P Camcorder

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Flock, a new browser

Just testing a new way of photosharing with Flock. It is a replacement browser that uses the Firefox gizzards but adds some interesting features like photo sharing and blog submission. This item was created via Flock Blogged with Flock

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PhotoGeek week #5

Click to hear now. In this episode of PhotoGeek’s weekly audio podcast, Cameron talks about his first week with the EOS 1D Mk111. Hosts include Phil Greenwood, James Belew, Cameron Tandy and Michael Griffin. A discussion about Soundslides as a way to make web based slideshows. An alternative to this for high end slideshows on… Continue reading PhotoGeek week #5

Cameron tries out Soundslides

A trip to Borneo, some Flash magic from Soundslides, and we have this piece of work from Cameron. Soundslides is available in both Windows and Mac versions for $39 US. It produces a flash movie from your images. Music: Trans Amazonian Highway by Lindsay Buckland