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Parallels 3.0 released

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Just a week after announcing the Release Candidate of Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac the final release version of 3.0 is live and ready for sale! Announced today the version 3 is on sale for $99 Au or upgrade for $60 Au. In this version Parallels announced: Security Manager: A built in management tool that […]

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Just testing a new way of photosharing with Flock. It is a replacement browser that uses the Firefox gizzards but adds some interesting features like photo sharing and blog submission. This item was created via Flock Blogged with Flock

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A trip to Borneo, some Flash magic from Soundslides, and we have this piece of work from Cameron. Soundslides is available in both Windows and Mac versions for $39 US. It produces a flash movie from your images. Music: Trans Amazonian Highway by Lindsay Buckland

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Adobe CS3 Photomerge

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After the podcast last week Cameron had a look at CS3 and shot a few test images. Here is one he attached to an email to PhotoGeek headquarters. Hey just stuffing around with CS3 photo merge Oh my god! Took this pick just out the front all ten of em and put them through CS3 […]

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