Automating print asset management with Lightroom

I have discovered to my delight that you can integrate Lightroom and barcode based print asset management. This is a way to: automate the printing of labels for images without any rekeying of information, and automate the process of finding the image from which a print was made Why do this? You may sell prints… Continue reading Automating print asset management with Lightroom

RED Digital have blown away all others

Announced today, the most important shift in camera hardware since the release of the Hasselblad some 40 years ago. RED Digital Cinema Camera’s have announced a new system that covers most camera types in use today from the prosumer low end HD video to the 6X17 wide format stills camera. All camera manufacturers will be… Continue reading RED Digital have blown away all others

iMac Pro soon?

Could it be that Apple are about to release a Pro version of the popular 20 and 24 inch iMac? With the ever increasing power available on the iMac platform and its use as a workstation in collaborative environments, it would make sense to release a brushed metal high end version for those applications. A… Continue reading iMac Pro soon?

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Adobe CS3 Photomerge

After the podcast last week Cameron had a look at CS3 and shot a few test images. Here is one he attached to an email to PhotoGeek headquarters. Hey just stuffing around with CS3 photo merge Oh my god! Took this pick just out the front all ten of em and put them through CS3… Continue reading Adobe CS3 Photomerge

Film is dead!

For a few years now camera manufacturers have released numerous digital still cameras that have replaced traditional film bodies. From point and shoot to large format professional systems there is now an affordable camera to cover all situations. With advances in image control, manipulation, storage and transmission, it seems digital cameras are now far superior… Continue reading Film is dead!

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