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Parallels 3.0 released

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Just a week after announcing the Release Candidate of Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac the final release version of 3.0 is live and ready for sale! Announced today the version 3 is on sale for $99 Au or upgrade for $60 Au. In this version Parallels announced: Security Manager: A built in management tool that […]

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How would you like one of these hanging in the office? This limited edition poster is from Rod Hunting, a designer from Chicago. It is line drawing of 14 vintage cameras from around the world. He writes: “I’m a big fan of vintage cameras. Lately I’ve been obsessed with drawing old cameras & electronics… I […]

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A trip to Borneo, some Flash magic from Soundslides, and we have this piece of work from Cameron. Soundslides is available in both Windows and Mac versions for $39 US. It produces a flash movie from your images. Music: Trans Amazonian Highway by Lindsay Buckland

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Camerons new EOS 1D Mk 111's

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After a few weeks wait Cameron finally got his new gear. Not one, but two EOS 1D Mk 111 bodies. All wrapped up in a new Crumpler Barney Rustle Blanket and Bucket Insert BU-02A bags. I have no doubt Cameron will have plenty to report on next week’s podcast. Pic courtesy Ben from CRUMPLER

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Elgato have released their USB dongle style hardware based video encoder in Australia. This means for Mac owners at least dramatically improved conversion speed to H.264. It comes at a time users are coming to terms with the process of automating playback from various sources including HD TV onto TV screens through hardware such as […]

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Ustream a success.

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At PhotoGeek we will attempt to record podcasts in front of a camera streaming live video and audio to anyone who wants to watch. Our next broadcast is scheduled for Wednesday 9th May at around 8.00 pm ( +10GMT ) It seems that Ustream, the site that handles the bandwidth is suffering the constraints of […]

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50,000GB DVDs

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According to this article on QJET we could get a storage boost some time in the future. These disks could Wipe Out Computer HDs, HD-DVDs and Bluray Professor V Renugopalakrishnan of the Harvard Medical School in Boston claims to have developed a layer of protein made from genetically altered, light-sensitive microbe proteins which could store […]

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Welcome to In this Blog we expect to include general discussion in areas involved in professional, pro-sumer, and amateur photography. Cameras, computers, software and related technology as well as industry news and chatter. Each week we intent to produce an hour long audio podcast and when we are able a 10-15 min video podcast. […]

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