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Canon PowerShot Teleconverter

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These two images explain the extent that a teleconverter alters the image when applied to The Canon Powershot A620. The first image was shot with the standard lens at it’s widest. The second image shows the teleconverter with the standard lens set at full zoom.

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Continuous ink systems reviewed

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Are they worth it? This Wednesday at 8.30 we discuss the pros and cons of CIS and the alternatives available for inkjet printers. Systems available from outlets such as AIM have been in use for a number of years and as true photogeeks we have used just about every inkjet printer produced. Designed to save […]

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Canon Eos 1D Mk3

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Canon has given us all a birthday present as they commemorate 20 years of the EOS system with the launch of the Eos 1D Mk3. Bigger and better than all before it and just in case any one cares, it’s made of solid unobtanium? (so Phill says) More info coming and a video pod cast […]

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RED Digital Cinema

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Peter Jackson shoots RED footage for NAB presentation Academy Award winning director Peter Jackson (“Lord of the Rings Trilogy” and King Kong”) volunteered to shoot 4K footage for RED to use at NAB 2007. What started out as a test session quickly turned into a movie. Peter and his team shot RED Alpha prototypes, “Boris” […]

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Now even better deal The Pantone Huey display calibrator available direct from Big Trousers.

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