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  1. Hi, thanks for putting the podcast together, I absolutely love it, it is by far the best one out there, I love the casual relaxed boys getting together feel to it.
    I started with amateur dslr photography about six months ago, I got myself a 400d twin lens pack 18-55mm & 75-300mm, I find its a bit of a hassle to change over all the time so I had a look at the sigma 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 DC OS this lens seems to retail for about 800-900 $ but i found this australian online store that sells it for 451$ (
    So my question to you is do you know this store
    and would it be a good lens to buy for amateur photography
    the main things I am shooting is the kids (3 and 1) and a bit of still photography (outdoors)

    I would really appreciate your advice and keep up the good work

    Btw shame on telstra for what trying to screw an 80 year old
    as if she would still be up for it at that age

    regards Bjorn

  2. My question was in relation to Aperture and Lightroom support for the DNG file format. It is my understanding that the difference b/w the two apps is in in the use of Adobe’s free DNG convertor. I am guessing that this convertor is included in Lightroom, allowing you to import your RAW images and convert to DNG in a single step, as oposed to Aperture where you must first convert your RAW images using the standalone DNG convertor and then aperture will import them. Can you shed any light on this?

  3. Many thanks for your comments regarding “Michael from Sydney” who introduced himself to Phil at St Kilda the Sunday before last.

    Keep up the good work… the only Podcast that I listen to each week without fail.

    Walking in the Sydney CBD today I passed the new, yet to opened, Apple store. Whilst still boarded they were moving in the shop fittings with one of the outfitters announcing that they could open next week. However, I did read somewhere that the 19th June was likely. Could it correspond to the introduction of the iPhone into Australia?!!

    Thanks once again for a very interesting and informative Podcast.


  4. Hi Phil,
    Hope you and the guys have had a good week. Thanks for fixing the website, I should

    have joined Twitter earlier as I had some links I thought you might like but they

    missed today’s show. Never mind, here they are anyway.

    Google’s new browser (Chrome):

    Apple iPhone ad banned in UK:

    Apple sued by clone maker:

    Smallest PC in the world (or out of this world):

    Kind regards,
    Maglio (UK)

  5. Hi Phil and the gang

    Just thought I would drop off a hello. Been listening now for over 30 episodes. Love the show. I am the web content manager and staff photographer for a private college in Billings, MT and it is nice to sit in and listen a community of “Photo Geeks” so similar to me from the opposite corner of the globe.

    Thanks again

    Also thanks for tipping the HDR scales for me. I fell in line with Cameron for quite some time and have recently gone over to shooting them, and I love what I can now achieve.

    Keep up the great conversations, and if you ever need the opinions of a Western American drop me a line.

    Or if you ever have some questions on places/times to shoot in the Yellowstone National Park area. Drop me a line.

    Take care,
    Dave M. Shumway
    Skype: gnPackn

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