PhotoGeek Week#98 Live video show

This show was recorded in front of a live audience online.

Hosts include Phil Greenwood, Cameron Stephens, Alan Jones, and James Bellew.

After much dicking around we got the broadcast system operational. If you are interested it sort of goes like this.

Video over firewire to Mac Pro into BoinxTV to control video streams and graphics. Audio via Mic in studio and via Skype on MacBookPro into Logic as mixer. Then to get all that to push out to StreamAPI feed, video output captured by Grabber Raster and presented as a feed and audio re routed via Digidesign firewire audio device into analogue input of Mac Pro. The simple Stickam type Flash player uploader needs to see these inputs in order to broadcast but you can use a device more than once in the process. Getting seperate audio and video feeds into the Mac Pro was the challenge, but we found a way. A broadcast will be available in a month or two via Digital Pill from The Dog Theatre in Footscray.


On to what was a show of very dubious content, the highlight being our first North American live guest, Alan Jones from Virginia who runs and presents as a true geek.

Will the video phone catch on as a piece of hardware like the ACN product? Perhaps a more open platform like the Android powered desktop phone from Cloud Telecomputers.

Alan fires up at 7.30 in the morning to join us online. Alan talks about his site that list Axis webcams from around the world.

Tethering via an iPhone seems to present issues to carriers the world over. When it is enabled it is brilliant. See the discussion at Whirlpool.

Google Latitude looks a bit lame and could use some work.

Macro lens for the iPhone from a DVD player.

ShakeItPhoto produces what look like a real Polaroid from the iPhone.

OnOne’s DSLR App gets Nikon support for iPhone remote control.

Shutter actuations calculated via Simple EXIF Viewer.

Getting 30 fps HD to go 24 fps is a rather convoluted process using Cinematools Final Cut Pro and Compressor

How to convert Canon 5dmk2 footage from 30p to 24p from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Tiltshift plugin for FCP, ShrinkRay, free via Crumple Pop.


Best WordPress themes for video at Canon 5D tips.

SteadiCam for DSLR from India looks like it might be the go.

Underwater Canon 5D Mk11 rig footage at Divefilm HD.

The Mac Mini as a media centre and we discuss the process.

Vuse software trancodes HD for connected devices like the Sony Playstation3

Alan sends over a link to video from Keywest.

3D feature film from James Cameron, Avatar.

Picture showing the physical difference between the 5D and Red Scarlett.


PhotoGeek Gadgets

Apple Genius finds childporn on customers Mac.

Opening and closing music by Velvedene. We close this week with “Fear your Gods”

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  1. Hi all, back from hols and am catching up with the podcasts.
    Downloaded OnOne’s iPhone app for my Nikon and am surprised at how quick and easy to use it is. Had a couple of minor bugs/crashes which I will report to OnOne later but overall very happy with it.

    By the way, I use Polarize for my polaroid style snaps. Doesn’t have the sound effect or shake it effect but you can write a short message on the bottom section and it’s free:

    Looking forward to podcast 100!

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