Apple TV version HD in VideoPress

This is a file made 24 fps and 1290×720 to see if the Canon 5D MK11 file will look good in Flash HD and download and look good on a TV via AppleTV 720p spec.

Again click on the HD button to test HD and full screen mode.

Click here to download a Quicktime file in H.264 720p


  1. Ah, now that is quite a bit better isn’t it. Still a little jerky, or rather, looks like some frames have been dropped (which is what I imagine you did) but definitely watchable. I’m sure you’ve explained what the issue is before but can’t remember right now what it was.

  2. I am now testing this file to see if it looks OK on a 50 inch Plamsa.
    Results of this testing on next podcast.
    Thanks for taking a look.

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