PhotoGeek Week#93 The Goose that flies backwards.

After a weekend being broken in to we fire up the reserve iMac at Photogeek headquarters to get the podcast recorded.

Hosts include Phil Greenwood, Cameron Tandy, and James Bellew.

Security software from MacGadget, MacTrack™ will send pictures to your Flickr account via the inbuilt webcam if your Mac is stolen

Orbicule make similar software, Undercover, and have a family pack license.


WWDC announcements include the new iPhone 3Gs, MacBook Pro’s, and more details on Snow Leopard.

Safari4 was released and amongst other things html5 and support for inline video with out a plugin.

iPhone 3.0 software that promises a find my phone feature using mobile me services.

Star Trek communicator app, fantastic waste of a dollar.

Apple partners with TomTom to bring “real” navigation to iPhone

Is my Nikon reliable.

Cameron has a suggestion on how to update to iPhone 3.0.

Cameron is impressed with Nutty News Wire and the Weekly World News style headline.

He make mention of the front cover pic of the Ascot Vale “Underbelly” job.

PhotoGeek Gadgets

Photograph of the Week

Commons Picture of the Year.

Goose photographed flying upside down


Fake photo of a girl assembled in Photoshop.

Blurb Photo competition-promotion.

Air France crash theory.

Costco open their first store in Docklands under the big wheel.

GPS coordinates lead to incorrect demolition.

Warp drive could destroy us all

Opening and closing music by Velvedene. We close this week with “Fear your Gods”
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  1. Good show guys, especially happy to hear Cameron Tandy (oops, sorry, Mr Tandy sir!) on again, miss the guy and hope he can make a few more shows.

    Oh, and I wanted you to know that due in part to your constant raving about the device, I’ll be getting an iPhone next month, I’m making a list of the apps I’ll be wanting (looking through your recommendations) and the Star Trek communicator may well be one of them, ha!

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