PhotoGeek Week#94 It just won't cut it!
We crash into the podcast this week in a strange mood. Perhaps it is the weather?

Hosts include Phil Greenwood, Cameron Stephen, and James Bellew.

Cameron sets the cat amongst the pigeons with a discussion about the photographic equipment requirements. Here is the photosteam of the offending boofhead.

Kodak stop making Kodachrome after 74 years.

iPhone 3.0 software and find my iPhone service via Mobile Me. A story explains what might happen.

Liver transplant confirmed.

Tethering may be made to work with these instructions.

Phillips release a 21:9 format 56 inch TV

Phillips' 21:9-TV

Vizio release a TV that connects to the web for Twitter, Flickr and Netflix.

Microsoft, Outlook Is Broken, Says 6,000 Tweets (And Growing). Fix It.

OutLook is Broken

Turn by Turn Navigation for the iPhone in Australia.

Digital radio and Sirius Satellite radio, what a mess.

Waste of time wireless charger for the iPhone.

PhotoGeek Gadgets

Photograph of the week

Half-man / half-Pooh Bear takes a break next to decapitated patriotic Mickey Mouse.

Computer train kills.

Is old Polaroid quicker than the new digital variety.

HP printer that connects online? WTF

Tadpoles fall from the sky.

Opening and closing music by Velvedene. We close this week with “Fear your Gods”
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