PhotoGeek Week#87 The Frankston Mexicans


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We get into the chocolate for Easter and shoot some more HD footage on the 5D MK11 Canon.

Hosts include Phil Greenwood, Darren McNamara, and James Bellew.

Bryan asks, full frame or DX? HD is a 1.0 release on current DSLR’s. GPS on all cameras?

Nikon announce the release of the Nikon D5000 with HD at 24 fps AVI Motion JPEG, but comes with a handy swivel LCD screen.

We add a Vimeo video channel for Photogeek subscribers to share their video. We start it off with the Easter video with the Mexicans in Frankston. Thanks to Louie Prez for the music

Easter with the extended family from Philip Greenwood on Vimeo.

Perhaps this HDMI connected screen might be the go with the 5D.

Does the high bandwidth promised in Australia provide for the death of Television as we know it?

3D movies may be here to stay with Monsters Vs Aliens release and IMAX cinemas opening around the world.

The oldest mobile phone video and selling the concept.

Drobo release the DroboPro iSCSI connected 8 drive storage unit.

QuadCamera app for the iPhone

PhotoGeek Gadgets

A new camera for the iPhone speculated.

Pair caught having sex while speeding at 133kmh

Cameradojo seem to be a good photographic resource podcast site.

Opening and closing music by Velvedene. We close this week with “Fear your Gods”

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