PhotoGeek Week#85 Vote with your remote


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Hosts include Phil Greenwood and Cameron Stephen.

Thanks to Bryon who asked for for the missing podcasts and listened to all podcasts in the list.

We talk about the release announcement by Canon of the 500D Rebel T1i and its HD video recording at 1080p and 20 fps.

We look at some great video for revheads of a supercharging of a new Mustang on Vimeo and shot on the Canon 5D MK11.

500HP MUSTANG Procharger from Greg Filipkowski on Vimeo.

Pentax renew their 645 digital and Sigma now list the FOVEON chipped DP2

The Kodak Zx1 shoots 720p but not stills.

Holga Stereo 120 film cameras both optical and pinhole lenses.

MacHeist 3 Bundle released to a server overload but would be a good deal if we could purchase. Espresso for one would be the best of the bunch.

Install jailbreak apps on a non broken iPhone for $7.00

Tethering for the iPhone looks imminent.

In a Balloon with a Nikon shooting the curvature of the Earth at 30,000 feet.

PhotoGeek Gadgets

DIY Ring Flash
3G mobile router
The e-Cigarette.
Atomic energy Lab
LCD front door
7ft long Lego model

Epson release 10 color wide format HDR ??? ink.

Twitter change their page titles to assist Google search

NAS Comparison chart

Seagate release the Black Armor NAS

Photographers Math

Who would have thought, the internet tubes show up in a photo.

Channel 10 cease HD broadcast of regular programs to focus on sport in HD. “Vote with your remote” and choose HD where possible.

Axiom Modbook

Opening and closing music by Velvedene. We close this week with “Fear your Gods”

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