PhotoGeek Week#80 That Firestorm

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Hosts include Phil Greenwood, Jay Town, Michael Griffin, and James Bellew. Special guest from the Twitter, The Big Blue Cat.

We open with some local talk about that day from Hell as the records fell for maximum temperature and the fires that followed.


Red Bubble artists and photographers chip in to help with profits from print sales going to The Red Cross in their Pheonix appeal.

We discuss the technology that might prove useful in future like Twitter and Satellite data as 3G networks melt.

A new Adobe application Tweet Deck does a great job on the desktop.

We talk about the news images from the people in the field. The Herald Sun and The Age have numerous links available.

The CFA have a Youtube channel.

We mention Cursebird and ponder Cameron Tandy’s score.

James Gardiner sets up a new site Cinetechgeek

The Leica M8.2 in Olive drab

Cheap lenses by Nikon

iPhone as a heart monitor

iPhone macro lens case.

Time lapse application for the iPhone.

iLife 09 and face recognition.

Sensor cleaner application.

A3 3 in one printer from Brother.

PhotoGeek Gadgets

Another mini projector.
A toothpaste video that gets us going.
20c Flash diffuser.
Home made fibre optic flash.
Carbon fibre Toilet seat.
Pedco tripods for special purposes.
EPowermac for Mac bits.

Pioneer to stop making TV’s


Channel 10 HD sport only.

Underbelly free downloads.

The Big Blue Cat’s oldest camera was the Baldinette

Opening and closing music by Velvedene. We close this week with “Fear your Gods”
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  1. Hi Guys,

    About the Freeview gripes, They are in NZ at least a mostly government initiative, The HD is higher quality than the stuff in the US as it uses h.264 video and AAC audio. Open source apps like MythTV can easily read the video and decode the EPG using a tuner card.

    The reason for starting it is so they can free up the analogue signals for other uses. The switchoff is planned for when 75% of NZ have access to digital television, or 2012, whichever is sooner.

    Wikipedia have more info…

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