PhotoGeek Week#79 The Tasmanian Vomit Comet

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Hosts include Phil Greenwood, Michael Griffin, and James Bellew.

We talk about the recent tour around Tasmania shooting HDR of the local landscape. A page of stuff is seen here in a Flickr set.

Michael will upload some soon to the Photogeek Flickr group.

We take a good look at Microsoft’s new Songsmith application as James giggles at the Microsoft advert for it.

The Tasmanian trip road tested a few gadgets including the Velbon graphite tripod with Manfrotto ball head. We also took a $100 inverter for 240 volt power. We later found this inverter for the MacBook Pro.

James laments the change that HD television has for video production.

Blu Ray players may drop in price this year.

LaCie release an 8X BluRay external burner.

Seagate release a 2 TB 7200 rpm drive.

Twitter goes mainstream with Stephen Fry on TV in severals countries and now has over 100,000 followers.

ClearCam stitches iPhone images to create high res images

Samsung 12 MegaPixel camera phone.

PhotoGeek Gadgets

The moss covered bathmat
USB spypen
iPhone DaVinci Tshirt
Cable to connect the iPhone to the Optima Pico projector
Lens calendar
Scrabble tile keyboard
Massive skateboard

Canon recall the original 5D to fix a mirror adhesion problem.

Google Malware worning stuffed.

Beautiful B+W images of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

17 of the most Beautiful HDR images.

Opening and closing music by Velvedene. We close this week with “Fear your Gods”
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  1. Hi,
    First time I listened to your podcast (due to me getting a trackback for the “17 of the Most Beautiful HDR images”) and I have to say I enjoyed it, some very interesting topics

    And in reply to what you said about that post…
    It was a collaboration of HDR images from Flickr and other sources so i’m not completely sure if any have been photoshopped or not, it might say in the description on the source…

    Anyway I will be listening to your next podcast 😀


  2. Thanks for that info Steve.
    I have been meaning to get to your list for a while and it’s great to see you are doing some research on the HDR phenomenon.
    Thanks for the clarification, some did look very “Photomatix” to me.
    Hope to hear from you again and glad to hear you will come back for the next podcast.

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