PhotoGeek 78 Drobotised

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Hosts include Phil Greenwood, Darren McNamara and Michael Griffin.

We are back from a long break and slowly get up to speed this week.

Darren gives us a first hand account of the functionality of the Drobo redundant storage system.

Apple have some new features we would expect to see in the Pro Apps in the new iLife ’09 and iWork ’09


Western digital announce the imminent release of their new 2 TB Hard drive

RED One Vs the Canon 5D Mk11 for dynamic range comparison.

Abandoned supercars and the Avatar to have.

The Big Blue Cat and tilt shift effect.

SMS cost Telstra nothing….

Photon gating effect on the iPhone.

Wireless printing via the iPhone to an HP printer.

iPhone magnetic lenses. Geotagging with the OnLocation application. Animoto comes to the iPhone too.

Book printing at Blurb looks like an option to check out. I buy the Jack Torrance novel.

Not sure what Tokbox does for video conferencing but we will find out.

90 Free Photobooth effects.

Macheads the trailer for the movie

Internode start selling Telstra ADSL2+

PhotoGeek Gadgets

Robotic hand job

White balance lens cap

Thriving office audio CD

6 Bay Netgear NAS

Pre-chewed pencils

Bottle cap tripod

Opening and closing music by Velvedene. We close this week with “Fear your Gods”
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  1. I’ve spent the past few hours looking at the abandoned supercars, What a waste… Thanks for posting and whoever supplied the link…

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