PhotoGeek Week#76 Polaroid Bye Bye

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Hosts include Phil Greenwood and James Bellew.

Yes just the two of us this week and we slow it down a bit as we wind onwards to Christmas.

Congrats to Jay and Ange on the birth of Fox Armstrong Coote Town at 8lb 7oz.

The Big Blue cat has a bit of darkroom gear to give away. See him on Flickr in the Photogeek Pool or get to him via Twitter

James Gardiner sends us some laughs and news from Blue Digital Cameras.

Also news that RED are quite critical of the slow clock speed sensor in the new Canon 5D Mk11.

The computer Mouse turns 40.

Polaroid fades away with an announcement that manufacturing will cease. Save Polaroid attempts to keep it going.

Merlin Mann has a go at selling cameras. His AStore blog “How to use an fucking camera”  is something else.

You Tube goes HD as we trial some “free to air” footage. (click on the show in HD link)

How they shot The Godfather

Stephen Fry goes off.

PhotoGeek Gadgets

Retro CD player

Scooter headlight desklamp

Umbrella knuckle duster

SSD NAS drive

Mophie Juice pack

USB powered display

USB condenser microphone

Field Notes

New Broadcom chip for 80211n wifi in a phone

NEC $15 Million broadband for pensioners.

Our Footscray Mate William McInnes picks up best actor AFI

Opening and closing music by Velvedene. We close this week with “Fear your Gods”
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