RED Digital have blown away all others

Announced today, the most important shift in camera hardware since the release of the Hasselblad some 40 years ago.

RED Digital Cinema Camera’s have announced a new system that covers most camera types in use today from the prosumer low end HD video to the 6X17 wide format stills camera. All camera manufacturers will be hit with the magnitude of this new concept. Everything interchangable, all possible ergonomic configurations covered from a hand held stills system, shoulder mounted video, extreme high end feature film kit, and yes even 3D. This new camera system is the RED DSMC (Digital Stills and Motion Camera)

For most stills shooters a 24 MP stills camera that can take a Nikon or Canon lens is enough to get some interest. For video prosumer a fixed lens 2/3″ sensor shooting a 3K image is astounding. For those at the high end the options are equally staggering, a true 6 x 4.5 digital still camera at 65 MP or a file for feature film production at 9K and 50 fps.

This will sink in over the next few months as the options become clearer for those willing to add it all up. The big advantage they claim is RED have made obsolecence obsolete, and I am onboard as of now.

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  1. I haven’t read anything that relates to the stills camera ability to autofocus or shoot HDR more efficiently. There is a lot more to learn but it will be quite a wait for any sample images.
    Go nuts in the meantime I reckon.

  2. I’m reading the specs…and oggling over the pics…and I’m astounded….so many words jump into my mind… gorgeous… sexy!… modular… lego(!)… OMG-look at the size of that sensor!… 261MP!!!… terminator(!)

    If the images it produces are as good as they say, this is unbelievable, truly a breakthrough.

    Go nuts indeed.

  3. I’m very impressed, even though I don’t use digital that often (it just doesn’t figure in my usual workflow) I might be tempted to jump on board with this as well, depending on what the cost point at the startup level is. On of the main reasons I have held off getting a ‘newer’ digital camera to upgrade my old Canon G5 is the ever present obsolescence factor. With a modular setup this is (to some degree but certainly not totally) addressed.
    Great concept however. I wonder if this will equate to a paradigm shift in how digital cameras are made and marketed?

  4. Still no clear idea of AF system or hotshoe location. Seems to be a lot more info to clear up but a lot of comment today about how it is more expensive than a D90??? or is is too big.
    Given that some pro photographers are not photo journalists I expect a bit of interest from the tripod mounted kooky guys in advertising and fine art.

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