PhotoGeek Week#74. A shower in a raincoat.

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Hosts include Phil Greenwood, Cameron Stephen, and James Gardiner.

We get deep into discussion about the RED announcement this week and with an attempt at some balance after all the hype has settled.

James Gardiner wrote a piece on the RED Scarlet/Epic release details and points out that the RED is perhaps the only digital cinema camera system that uses a Bayer filter.

Canon announce their answer to the RED camera.

You Tube goes widescreen.

I shoots some more HDR in the Melbourne cemetery with Brydie.

Panasonic announce their idea for a 3D standard on Blu Ray.

I am not a terrorist I am a fricken photographer T-Shirts.

FTP Cam for the iPhone

This image is a “webcam” feed and will change as I upload.

Mosaic screensaver on Leopard is fascinating.

MacOSaiX does a great job as a standalone application.

Dells new high res monitors.

First USB3.0 Device

Apple in Doncaster

PhotoGeek Gadgets

Pin clock
Square traffic lights
USB Christmas Tree
Retro popcorn maker
Mini pro DSLR
Hand crank the iPhone
Microscope cam

An antique sign in a park in Melbourne.

Night camera application for the iPhone

Formatting the Drobo for Apple Time Machine

Opening and closing music by Velvedene. We close this week with “Fear your Gods”
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