PhotoGeek Week#69

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We wander off into iPhone territory again and look at some of the photo applications available at the moment.

Hosts include Phil Greenwood, Cameron Stephen, and James Bellew.

We start with a brief discussion about copyright and describe how little we know about the law.

According to the Phoenix Lander it is snowing on Mars.

The release of new Network attached storage units from Western Digital are in direct competition with Drobo

MacBook Pro updates look due and there are “leaked” pictures, new MacBooks rumored also.

Cameron talks about the twin lens reflex film camera The Blackbird Fly from Superheadz and its instant sellout success.

MI6 agent sells camera on eBay with top secret material on the card.

Cameron beta tests an iPhone application Juxtaposer (link Later)

PanoLab stitches photos on the iPhone. Here is a Flickr page and below is one we did in the studio.

Photoswap provides a visual conversation.

Smule lighter has world map of those who lit up.

BOM Radar and Pocket Weather are the most used applications so far. New version of X-Plane from Laminar Research is my pick however.

Samsung VM-MX25E H.264 video camera for You Tube upload without recompression.

Strange rumor of the MX sensor from Nikon at

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 a Red DSLR with big open out type live view screen.

Olympus Micro Four Thirds retro digital point and shoot.

PhotoGeek Gadgets

Korg USB control panels
USB Hollywood webcam
Mice for Macs from Targus
Bowler DSLR Bag
Paperclip stand for iPhone
Sideburns razor

Photogeek of the week is John Chiara for his extra large handbuilt camera.

New Samsung HD TV’s with network connection.

Get a look at James’ second hand Canon video lens.

Opening and closing music by Velvedene. We close this week with “Fear your Gods”
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