2 Responses to “PhotoGeek Week#68”

  1. Rod Laird September 28, 2008 at 11:23 am #

    Hi Phil – could not resist a small observation on the passing comment “who needs a supercomputer”. Just a decade ago a computer that delivered more than a GigaFLOP was definitely into super-computer territory. A decade before that, a MFLOP would do it. I just checked my desktop – it delivers 57GFLOP from the CPU – and nearly 350GFLOP from the GPU for a combined 400GFLOP – nearly 0.2TFLOP. Does it process audio / large graphics filtering & merge / video transcoding fast – yep. Fast enough – nope.

    (Check out http://www.badaboomit.com/ for an amazing GPU based video transcoder… Great for transcoding down to iPhone format)


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