One Response to “PhotoGeek Week#67”

  1. Rod Laird September 20, 2008 at 10:08 am #

    Nice to hear you back, even for a short one…
    digital-video-still (reddish, 5DII, D90) thingies leave me wondering; took lots of video in baby days and current editing tools make that stage easy. But video takes enormous time from click to clip – and then special equipment / full attention to view. OK, media centres make it easier to access both still and movie content. Maybe future picture frame technology will let you set clips about the house and we may grow to like it (and maybe not…) Many point and shoots already do (crap) video – and indeed some people use the function. (I know lots of younger people who do – but they also have no other video camera).

    Taken together, I know I will never seek out/pay extra for video capability in my “quality image” camera. Easy to say this is just the adoption resistance “fuddy old guy” generation. But because of the barriers in editing / viewing video which are all about demands on time and attention, I think the video capability issue is an example of great technical tour-de-force in advance of real user utility/benefit.

    More important to me as a photographer – from the perspective of the camera body – is image quality and light handling capability / dynamic range / sensitivity. I’d certainly like a 5DII/D3X sensor in my D3 – and the ability to dial back RAW file size to 12MB for the 98% of the time when I don’t need more… And elimination of flip mirrors to eliminate noise 🙂 Even more to the point – put a D3 type FF sensor in a rangefinder / G10 type body and I’d buy it tomorrow!

    I suspect there is an increasing proportion of the rapidly growing dslr market who have gone through a generation or two of entry level bodies and are beginning to realise that IQ not MP is the pivotal issue. This will put more pressure on delivery of more modern high quality glass and *maybe* on better IQ sensors. But the marketing departments still seem to focus on gimmicks and MP so I guess it’s inevitable we’ll see both of those drive model iteration for the foreseeable future…


    keep it up guys. you’ll have lots of new kit to comment on from Photokina by the time you get to the next show. Australia needs your local perspective on tech! ps Can Cameron talk about how he is finding the SB900 in terms of TTL exposure management – I’m finding it a bit quirky and figure a “pro” will have an expert view on what’s going on… (i.e. maybe the product is consistent and I’m not…)

    Apologies for the long comment. cheers Rod