PhotoGeek Week#62

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This week Cameron is playing up in Wangarratta and we wonder whether a hand gun would be an essential bit of kit.

Hosts include Phil Greenwood, Cameron Tandy, Jay Town and James Bellew.

So the big news is Rob Galbraith and his extensive final article that puts the nail in the coffin of the 1D Mk111.

We talk about the new Nikon D90 perhaps being 12 Megapixel HD video shooting beast and if the Canon 7D may in fact surprise us all.

Certainly the guys at The Herald Sun are looking seriously at the Nikon D3 hadware upgrade at $600.

In iPhone news Telstra announce far better deals on Data plans but according to some Optus are outselling Telstra on the iPhone 5 to 1.

Some of the better applications on the iPhone may be the 3G tethering application fron Nullriver enabling data network sharing for other devices.

Adobe release Lightroom2 and is now finally out of Beta.

Olympus launch the idea of mirror-less DSLR sort of.

PhotoGeek Gadgets

Wooden Phone
Film canister diffuser
3D projector
Video playing SATA dock
Myvu video glasses
Video camera in a book
Rear view mirror GPS

Firewire VS USB3

500 GIG Blu Ray now feasable.

The new Macs rumor

HD plays on PS3 burned to DVD media on a Mac with Toast 9.

PhotoGeek Gadgets

Opening and closing music by Velvedene. We close this week with “Fear your Gods”
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