PhotoGeek Week#61

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We respond to the insults we received from the readers of DP Review, thanks guys.

Hosts include Phil Greenwood, Cameron Tandy, and James Bellew. Special guest in the studio is Michael Griffin.

Cameron throws a bunch of rumors about the new Canon that may be released.

The Herald Sun use Soundslides application to show a string of images Cameron shot of a cage fight.

Cameron says the Nikon SB900 flash looks much larger than the SB800.

Cameron Stephen from is sent a camera to test and has some images published in Japan.

The 3D images from the Mars Pheonix Lander look great with 3D glasses.

Telstra give us an interesting time with some questions about the iPhone as we continue to try out more apps. Airme is on that sends images directly to Flickr.

The Mophie Juice pack might come in handy at times.

Visual Hub for converting video for the iPhone or any mobile device.

Panasonic release a 3MOS sensor video camera, the HS100.

LUMIX DMC-FX150 14.7 Megapixel.

Samsung TL34HD – 14.7 MP Point-and-Shoot Camera.

PhotoGeek Gadgets

Worlds smallest remote control helicopter.
Robotic camers mount.
Waterproof your gear.
USB heated stirrer.
Optimus mini keyboard.

Microsoft fight back with new adds for Vista.

Epson releases 16 bit drivers for Apple OS X Leopard for its Stylus Pro printer range.

Hitachi Terrabyte video.

Japanese iPhones make loud camera noises to stop upskirting.

Velvedene are playing live soon, we will post links soon.

Opening and closing music by Velvedene. We close this week with “Fear your Gods”
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  1. Hi guys,
    Another great show, I was just thinking yesterday how I hadn’t been on the DP forums in months. This week’s podcast reminded me why. But like Cameron says, it might just be the Canon forums, which I never visited anyway. The Nikon forums are obviously better, since I found your show on there!

    Anyway, ignore the idiots, shame they seem to be from the UK(!) I’ll be wearing my PhotoGeek t-shirt this weekend, sorry it cost you so much to send!

    All the best,

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