Charges dropped against Bill Henson

Police will not prosecute artist Bill Henson over his photographs of naked teenagers, declared “mild and justified” by Australia’s Classification Board.
Central Metropolitan Region Commander Assistant Commissioner Catherine Burn said police were obliged to investigate the works following complaints from the public.

“Police did receive complaints and this has been a matter of significant public concern and debate. This is a complex area of law,” she said in a statement.

“Matters involving the law and art are notoriously difficult and that is why police sought this advice.

“We looked at the possibility of breaches of the Crimes Act. The advice given to us is that a successful prosecution was unlikely.”
The act relates to sexual poses not nudity alone.
This decision closes the case but the debate proved an interesting glimpse into the opinion of the Australian general public.
Full Story, The Age.

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  1. I think Bill Henson is a lucky man. If the Classification Board or the DPP had have taken a different view, then he would have been in deep guano! Still, I think he should consider this a cautionary warning rather than a let-off.

    In some ways, a line has been drawn in the sand, but I’m sure there are those wanting to cross the line, or rub it out all together! Personally, I’d advise staying well away from the line if you’re an artist / photographer.

    My two bob’s worth …

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