PhotoGeek Week #53

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This episode of PhotoGeek’s weekly audio podcast was recorded once again in the offices of Big Trousers.
We spend the first half of the show discussing the Bill Henson issue in an unusually deep manner given our normal subject matter.
Hosts include Phil Greenwood and James Bellew.

Bill Hensons photographs have been the subject of a criminal investigation relating to the possibility that his images may constitute child pornography. An issue covered by all forms of media in this country we gave it a going over from some perspectives perhaps not voiced. You may not agree with us and I don’t think James and I totally agreed but it is a discussion well worth having.

In order to protect yourself from possible prosecution get a license to take pictures for professional purposes from Parks Victoria.

Darren Paine uploads a pic of the Photogeek recording session from last week. Thanks again Darren.

Mars Phoenix picture that impresses of the lander from The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera, as it descended into an enormous crater on Mars

We mention aTV Flash device that converts Apple TV into a more useful device, including allowing direct download of rental movies of quite good quality but dubious worth from Jamon. from Apple Core.

3G iPhone pics released.

60 Photography links you can’t live without, and one missing that you can live without perhaps.

Hydra Plugin as HDR for Aperture reviewed.

PhotoGeek Gadgets

Steampunk Flash drive.
Bat goggles.
Dual Hard drive dock.
GPS Logger.
USB Warmer Chiller
Blue Mic Snowball.

Camera tossing looks like fun.

Opening and closing music by Velvedene. We close this week with “Fear your Gods”
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  1. Great work guys … another top podcast from the “doyens” of Aussie photography!

  2. Hi guys,
    Am listening to the podcast but for some reason I can’t download it this week, I get a 404 error when I click on the Feed URL button. I don’t use iTunes so I usually download this as an mp3 to listen to offline. Hope you can fix this. Thanks.

  3. I have been swamped with errors that are unavoidable this week.
    The server was playing up and I did need to upload twice trying to rush the podcast out late after Soundtrack pro took an hour to export.
    I want my life to be more simple now, I am off to live in a tent…

  4. Thanks for the update Phil, got a bit nervous again when your website was down about an hour ago but glad to see you’re up and running again.

  5. I was thinking more of the actually meaning of “doyen”, and whether is should really apply to PhotoGeek …. 😉

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