PhotoGeek week #23

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This episode of PhotoGeek’s weekly audio podcast was recorded once again in the offices of Big Trousers. This was our longest show to date and a little over 80 min as we had quite a controversy to discuss.
Hosts include Phil Greenwood, Jay Town from the Herald Sun, Cameron Tandy, and Michael Griffin.
We open with Cameron’s explanation of his online “outburst” on DPReview that contained his complaints about the Canon 1D Mk111. The people from Canon have now offered to have a look at the cameras and calibrate focus with the lenses that Cameron uses.

We link to a Nikon sponsored Wedding photographer Cliff Mautner who shows off the Nikon D3 and its high ISO performance shooting under low light.

Scott Haefner looks like the kite photography expert and has online some fantastic aerial images that rely on a rig of his own design. He posts a series images on how to build the rig.

An application that sees and cracks 128 bit secure WI FI networks. For WEP key should be built using this online tool from Perfect passwords.

Wife GPS locator to find you wife via cellphone towers.

AMD and Intel announce the incorporation of high end graphics chips directly onto the CPU. Cameron discusses his selection of Core Duo on his new PC.

VMWare Fusion becomes widely available and Jay tests the cross platform printing issue that has haunted Parrallels.

According to Appleinsider HP and Apple are working on incorporating printer drivers into their software update mechanism.

Slasdot via C Net, Should Microsoft abandon Vista? Don Reisinger writes Microsoft must abandon Vista to save itself. Cameron talks about his experience with the new OS.

Griffins Gadgets:
Dymo CD DVD printer available soon.
Make your own tilt shift lens.
15,000 foot high power transmitter for camera file transfers over WI FI.
10 year old Kodak .4 MegaPixel digital cameras.
3D HD video camera from 21st Century.
Sigma 18-200 zoom lens.

3D HD video camera from 21st Century

PhotoGeek of the week. The PhotoGeek T-Shirt this week goes to “cemenTIMental” from the Video Thing Blog. Described as the MacGuyver of Video, this chap has posted a 360 degree video using Blue Tack and a Christmas Bauble and image manipulation by After Effects.

Skype earns $180.000 per year according to some and was bought by EBay for 4 Billion
Joost beta releases to the world.

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