PhotoGeek week #20

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This episode of PhotoGeek’s weekly audio podcast was recorded once again in the offices of Big Trousers, with James in Noosa, Cameron expecting soon, and Michael in Middle Park.
Hosts include Phil Greenwood, James Bellew, Cameron Tandy, and Michael Griffin.

We start with a discussion about Redrock Micro Rig for video conversion systems allowing 35mm style cinema shooting.


The results posted particularly the Justin Hopkins music video on the Redrock Micro site are a testament to the quality of the product. The company have started to use smaller consumer style HD video cameras like the Canon HV20 and Sanyo Xacti. James talks about effects like Magic Bullet and cameras like the Panasonic HVX 500

RED cinema cameras finally ship the first 25 cameras of their production after years of waiting on a list.

We talk about the release of the the iPod touch from Apple and it’s possible uses. One use may be it’s video out.

We talk about the cost of Telstra’s 3G network

Alan Jones asks what should replace his Coolpix 4500. We look at the 10 Megapixel comparison at Shutterbug. We suggest either a Panasonic Lumix DMC FX 100 or a Canon G9.

We wonder what sort of camera kit you would buy for $180,000

Did a photographer take these photos? Are the general public aware that all photos are shot by photographers?
Cameron mentions the Poland airshow photos.

We talk about 3D Analglyph images of the Sun.

Michael talks about cameras attached to kites, the Nokia with duct tape and a chap from Boston shooting with a Canon and a more sophisticated rig.

Griffins Geek Gadgets this week:
A model glider with camera attempts to get to 100,000 feet via ballon and rocket.
CCRRFD (Cheap creative rascals ring flash diffuser)
AppleCrate: An Apple II-based parallel computer.
Brass LCD monitor modification.
Cameron finds Waitless.ORG amusing.
Photographs of smoke by Graham Jefferey who is voted photogeek of the week.
Zink or zeroink promise to embed printers in all manner of equipment.

Man has hand chopped off in China.

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