PhotoGeek week #19

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This episode of PhotoGeek’s weekly audio podcast was recorded once again in the offices of Big Trousers.
Hosts include Phil Greenwood, James Bellew, Cameron Tandy, and Michael Griffin.

Big Huge Labs has the list of cameras used to post to Flickr, we reveal the top 10 most popular.

Phil mentions the Pentax K10D but lost the info, so here is the link.

A story about a “mechanical” virus. An unusual first in the computer world.

Ridley Scott releases a “Final Cut” of the cult classic movie “Bladerunner”.

Botnets attack eBay.

We mention spam and the email address obfuscation tool available from eFront.

VOIP to kill phones as we know them.

Google look like releasing a mobile VOIP phone, the GPhone. We wonder about the iPhone as a VOIP device. ( UPDATE: new iPod “touch” could do this too )

Cameron talks about the Nikon D3 and claims the D300 looks like the one that will sell at 12MP. The Nikon D3 is a little heavy and a further firmware update for the Canon 1Dmk111 for focus problems.

Casio releases the worlds fastest digital camera at 60 fps.

Cameron mentions the new 5X4 format settings on Nikon D3. HDMI onboard to shoot live to a big screen. Also dual compact flash cards.

We discuss Flash card memory for various cameras and the read write speeds and the impact of P2 cards for video at 32GIG.

Updated X-Box has HDMI and looks like a new 65nm chip may run cooler.

Horseman 3D 35mm camera.

We answer a question we received from a listener about exposure and talk about the nature of correct exposure.

New iMac glossy screens may need calibration to correct for full on brightness and dynamics.

Griffins Geek Gadgets this week:
The Russion retro mouse.
The Motorola Mac
Sony Xacti, the worlds smallest HD video camera.
New pencil for track pad graphics.
New uses for old lenses on digital cameras.

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