PhotoGeek week #17

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This episode of PhotoGeek’s weekly audio podcast was recorded once again in the offices of Big Trousers. We mention the big news of a number of new cameras from Canon and talk about the 1DsMk111, the EOS 40D, the G9 and others.
Hosts include Phil Greenwood, James Bellew, Cameron Tandy, and Michael Griffin.

The three big announcements from Canon include the 1Ds Mk111 at 21 Megapixel. The 40D replaces the 30D with a 3 inch LCD screen and 10.1 Megapixel. The G9 shoots RAW and has a 12.1 Megapixel sensor with a big screen. Also released was the Powershot SD 870 IS at 8.1 Megapixel and the Pwershot A650 at 12.1 Megapixel.

Panasonic release the HDC-SD5, a 3 CCD AVCHD codec 1080i handicam. James reveals it may have a life in the pro arena as a mount on a boom or specialist small capture device. The fact that it captures to SD card makes it totally solid state with no moving parts and comes with a Leica Dicomar lens is impressive Gizmodo claim it is the worlds smallest 3CCD HD Camcorder.

The software scam for Windows software revealed by “successful software”.

We talk about High dynamic range imaging and the Photomatrix HDRsoft software available to automate the process.

James mentions that his Velvedene video on Virb won’t play on a number of machines. We will report back as to the problem. Adobe announce their Flash player 9 named “Moviestar” will support MPEG 4 codec.

Font rendering philosophies of Windows and Mac OS X article via John Gruber (Daring Fireball).

Handbrake 0.9.0 is released. This is a handy DVD MPEG 2 re encoder. Picture quality is improved through better image scaling, better deinterlacing, new filters for denoising, deblocking, inverse telecine, and new presets devoted to high quality settings.

Michael mentions an algorithm that draws on images online to fill in the blanks in photographs.

Cameron chips in late with his take on the new Canon 1Ds Mk3 and the rest of the new Canon releases.

He mentions the work flow involved in the photographic department at The Herald Sun.

Cameron hears a rumor that the focus issues with the 1D Mk 111 is related to faulty autofocus hardware and that there may be a re-call to replace the faulty component.

Canon have a new product in that they will supply a 80 GIG hard drive for the range of Canon cameras. James sais it is odd that video cameras are going solid state and still cameras are going to hard drives.

We mention the Skype outage.

Canon seem to be re releasing all their wide angle lenses due to the fact that all their new cameras seem to be of a quality that demands a sharper image.

Cameron reckons Nikon are set to announce the release of the D3 on Thursday, according to rumors.

Michaels Wacky Gadgets:
App trap an uninstaller for Mac OSX.
3D image printing now used to print replacement bones.
Motion portrait in 3D look creepy.
3D laser projectors produce a 3D image as dots in a space.
1000 CPU’s on one chip by Tilera Corp.

PhotoGeek of the Week is Harrod Blank who has built a camera covered van. The camera Van travels to photographic shows.

We have the first two audio questions for Cameron. He reveals he is looking at a Mac for the first time and is sick of PC’s. ( Hell has frozen over ).

Cameron talks about reviews that are critical of the new Apple iMac including a lack of OS 10.5 support and the inferior glossy screen. Also he worries about the upgradability of the iMac.

Paramount and Dreamworks go with HD DVD. Cameron reckons the Sony PS3 is a little over priced.

The 25th anniversary of the CD and what the first CD’s were we all bought.

A quick hello to those watching us live on Stickam.

The USB stick as a concert recording sales idea. We mention it may be a good idea for wedding photographers.

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