PhotoGeek week #16

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This episode of PhotoGeek’s weekly audio podcast was recorded once again in the offices of Big Trousers. We start off talking to James in an in depth discussion about his recently released video for Velvedene, “Fear Your Gods”. We discuss the use of Adobe After Effects and some of the reason behind the images chosen.

Hosts include Phil Greenwood, James Bellew, Cameron Tandy, and Michael Griffin. Special Guest this week is Jay Town from The Herald Sun.

We talk about the various methods of hosting video online from such sites as BlipTV, YouTube, Virb, MySpace, and others in an attempt to contrast the file quality and potential for media hosting on a budget. We chose to host the 720p version for the iTunes (AppleTV) podcast version of the file due to the superior quality of file type.

We mention the video host shoot out for various online services.

Superfrothco becomes world’s first all-USB Flash Drive music label

James announces he wants a Heil PR40 and that Bob Heil is the Man when it comes to audio credibility. Bob Heil info from our mates at (thanks Jim)

Cameron asks Jay to reveal the nature of the new Nikon 3D and despite his best efforts Jay, who was shown the new Nikon is sworn to secrecy.

DP Review mention the patent for a full color RGB sensor.

Canon videos about how modern lenses are manufactured and the new materials including super UD.

Camera sales including DSLR’s are up in sales by around 30% according to research at DP Review.

Cameron mentions that Canon has told him another firmware is in the wings for the Canon 1D Mk3.

Sony Alpha DSLR rumored to have 14 MegaPixel 2.5 cm screen and wireless flash, according to Engadget.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-L1 review and firmware update, Jay talks about the uses and benefits of this camera. The fact that they have wider lenses is a new trend.

Michael finds that Guinness Certifies World’s Largest Photograph and Camera measuring 13.71 x 48.76 x 24.38 m (45 x 160 x 80 ft).

We mention the 39 MegaPixel Hasselblad

Demb Portable flash diffusers and if they are worth the effort.

We find the best 3D anaglyph we have seen and wonder what the future of this process could be.


Get your 3D gasses at

We answer the question about Adobe DNG from Darren.

Cameron talks about the cost of DVD HD DVD and BluRay discs.

Is this a good design for a PhotoGeek T Shirt.

Michaels Geek Gadgets this week include a USB key for promotional giveaway. Also a set of vintage cameras from darkroasted Blend. Cameron talks about his collection of old cameras including his Kodak Polaroid. Jay recalls his fathers experiences with flash powder. Also a disposable video camera. A desk lamp made from an old scanner. Maxtor Ethernet 1 TB drives.

We talk a little about the brand wars in the photojournalist business and how much Sony might need to do to get traction in that market.

We finish up with some further discussion about the release of “Carpet Bomb” and the video for “Fear your Gods” by James’s band Velvedene, and wish him well with the project and hope the listeners of PhotoGeek will have a look at this album on iTunes when it becomes available for download. We have been using a track from the album for our opening and closing since we started this podcast.

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