PhotoGeek week #6

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In this episode of PhotoGeek’s weekly audio podcast, we talk about a number of new gadgets and bits of odd gear.
Hosts include Phil Greenwood, James Belew, and Michael Griffin.

Cameron away on assignment so we were just the three of us.
More on “Is film dead”
Dan Vance’s hand built progressive scan camera get a mention.
We talk breifly about the new Lumix 12 Megapixel camera from Panasonic.
Some discussion about Microdrones.
We go further into discussion on the Elgato Turbo.264 and its role in home theater and connection to Apple TV.
MacBookPro goes with an optional HD LCD screen.

Danny Gorg on ninemsn talks about Macs.

We talk about the new version of Parallels version 3 and some of the great new features like support for DirectX and OpenGL 3D graphics, and SmartSelect, a new built-in integration tool that allows users to open any file from Windows or Mac OS X with any program from either operating system. Thanks to Macnn.
Michaels research notes to come.

NextG USB modems for MacBook, drivers go beta.
iPhone ads get James confused.
We mention the HV20 used on The Merlin Show.
Corbis and their new image library.
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