Parallels 3.0 released

Just a week after announcing the Release Candidate of Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac the final release version of 3.0 is live and ready for sale!
Announced today the version 3 is on sale for $99 Au or upgrade for $60 Au.
In this version Parallels announced:

Security Manager:
A built in management tool that helps users customize the level of interaction between Windows and OS X, including how and when files can be shared between OSes, if “drag and drop” is enabled or disabled, and when hard disks and devices are mounted and accessible.

Parallels Explorer:
View and modify the contents of your Windows virtual hard drive even when your VM is OFF! Drag files to and from the virtual hard drive, move or re-name existing files and create new folders on the fly. Great if you need to diagnose a problem, or get something into or out of your VM on short notice.

Vista Boot Camp Support:
Yep, its here! Use your Windows Vista Boot Camp or Windows XP Boot Camp partition in a Parallels virtual machine. Switch between running Windows in Parallels Desktop and Boot Camp as often as you want!

We will download soon and get the results of our testing online here.
What I want to test is the ability to convert BootCamp installations to Parallels controlled.
See the video below showing coherence mode