No Drobo for YOU!

I received an email from David Herington of Data robotics today. It seems we will have to wait for Drobo to ship internationally next year before Australian photographers will see one.
There should be a Gigabit/eSata version available by then I would assume, so perhaps the delay is a good thing and we can have an option of network attached storage that has the unique Drobo disk management backup system.
I hope that answers the questions of the photographers who have been asking Big Trousers for a quote.

Hello Phil,

Thanks for getting in touch. We are shipping Drobo in North America only. We currently plan to start shipping internationally in 2008. We will keep your contact information and let you know when we starting shipping outside of North America.


David Herington

Data Robotics
Director of Sales and Business Development; 650.526.3621 (o); 650.888.4856 (m)


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