PhotoGeek week #2

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In this episode of PhotoGeek’s weekly audio podcast, Cameron and Phil go to PMA in Melbourne and report back with their findings.
Hosts include Phil Greenwood, James Belew, Cameron Tandy and Michael Griffin.

Be warned, this a very “Blokey” episode of PhotoGeek after the “Crumpler” beers at PMA.
Cameron and Phil talk about the new Canon TX1 Powershot that shoots stills as well as 720p video.
Phil mentions the compact video camera, the Canon HV20 as an alternative shooting 1080p direct via HDMI.
We have a quite odd conversation about “face detection” software in the new Canons.
We mention the new Wacom LCD screen tablet and its possibilities.
Cameron loved the Crumpler stand and despite drinking their free beer, forgot to look at their camera bags.
We took notice of the lack of patrons at Sony.
Cameron on the expense of the new digital Leica M8
Michael looked at the range of converters for wide and telephoto adaptors for Canon range finder compact digital.
Phil talks about the new photomerge option in Photoshop CS3.
James talks about his week shooting video for Velvedene and their album release.

We discuss the legalities of shooting in public places since 9 11.
Cameron on Press photographers approach to the problems of shooting in a public place.

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