Elgato Turbo.264 hardware encoder

Elgato have released their USB dongle style hardware based video encoder in Australia.
This means for Mac owners at least dramatically improved conversion speed to H.264.
It comes at a time users are coming to terms with the process of automating playback from various sources including HD TV onto TV screens through hardware such as the AppleTV unit.
What this means is that Free to air TV can be recorded, re encoded, then added to iTunes at break-neck speed so that the content will show up on your TV screen as content available for immediate playback.
I also think that this will be an invaluable piece of gear for those who create content for the web.
It will speed up the process of production even on smaller machines like the MacBook.
Ideal for those creating 720p video for distribution via iTunes as video podcasts.
I feel sure one will arrive in the PhotoGeek headquarters courtesy of Elgato retailer Big Trousers.

From the Conexus Press release:

You have a collection of videos on your Mac. They’re movies you downloaded from your camcorder or digital camera, or perhaps projects you created yourself with iMovie. They could be short video clips that friends and family sent you by email, or TV shows, music videos, and movies that you recorded with EyeTV.

How do you make them iTunes¨-ready for your iPod or Apple TV? How do you put them on a Sony PSP?

And how do you speed up an export process that can be agonizingly slow?

The solution is Turbo.264, a blazingly fast and easy-to-use video encoder with a high-perfomance engine.

Upon closer inspection it looks like the AppleTV export is set at 800 x 600 max and does not support conversion from Elgato 1080p to AppleTV 720p.
This is a little disappointing as the product is made by Elgato for AppleTV hardware.


  1. Man…., I still have to wait for it to encode?
    That is the suckiest part of the conversion to iTunes.
    Someone please correct this issue… (cough coughstevejobs)

    : )

  2. I think the problem is that Elgato and other HD tuner companies, have wrapped the MPEG2 file in their own file type. Regardless of what Apple do with AppleTV you would still have to export. I want Apple to include hardware encoding for H.264 in all Macs. Perhaps AppleTV could playback MPEG2 by default but I think that is an industry agreement thing to do with DVD

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