Drobo Data storage unit

Recently released a 4 drive data storage unit described as fully automated data storage.
The Drobo is unique in that it can have drives of unequal size inserted and removed as your requirements change. Have two 500 GB drives and a few old 100 GB drives when you start then just replace a 100 GB for another 500 GB. Drobo will release the extra drive space as storage on the fly, even while the drive is being accessed by a computer.
I am thinking this will be a useful device for photographers with ever increasing storage requirements. It also acts as a hard drive redundancy system so that in the event of a drive failure no data is lost. All you need to do is take out the dead drive and replace it.
From their website:

The task of managing storage is quickly becoming a concern for anybody who has digital assets they hope to keep forever. Data Robotics has developed new storage technologies, and products, based on storage virtualization and cybernetics to handle the complexity and management of making these digital assets forever accessible. The patent-pending technology within Drobo is not RAID and was developed specifically to perform data management and configuration tasks automatically so that you don’t have to. Drobo does utilize advanced storage concepts such as virtualization, but it is not a derivative of RAID.

I can see this device being used in conjunction with the recently released Apple Airport Extreme 802.11n base station with network storage via a USB connection.

Check out the video online that shows the drobo in action.

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