Continuous ink systems reviewed

Are they worth it?
This Wednesday at 8.30 we discuss the pros and cons of CIS and the alternatives available for inkjet printers.
Systems available from outlets such as AIM have been in use for a number of years and as true photogeeks we have used just about every inkjet printer produced. Designed to save money on inkjet carts a CIS employs large bottles of ink and special carts that are fed by tubes from the large ink bottles.
Michael is currently using an Epson 1290 A3 printer with a brand of CIS that promises hassle free priming and running.
Often a hassle in the past with many photographers up to their elbows in ink and ink lines it is time to asses CIS as a viable alternative.
Are printers like the Epson A2 Pro 3800 with ink carts at $100 for 80ml the ultimate answer to the CIS craze?


Here is one review using a very cheap Epson R200

It seems Kodak have entered the printer market with an idea. Make the printers a little more expensive but slash the cost of ink.
This might pay off as a strategy if the quality is good.
Read this article by David Pogue at the New York Times.

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