Canon Eos 1D Mk3

Canon has given us all a birthday present as they commemorate 20 years of the EOS system with the launch of the Eos 1D Mk3. Bigger and better than all before it and just in case any one cares, it’s made of solid unobtanium? (so Phill says) More info coming and a video pod cast coming soon, but for the latest info and a great first hands-on review head to the good guys at

2079_eos_1d_mkiii_preview_01.jpg back view

In every area except autofocus, the preproduction Canon EOS-1D Mark III is the best full-featured SLR we’ve ever used, and its image quality is the best we’ve seen from a digital SLR in all ways except sheer resolution, where the EOS-1Ds Mark II is still the leader. If Canon can finish the job on autofocus, then the EOS-1D Mark III will be one of the most powerful cameras ever made.


Interesting will wait to hear what Rob says next.

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