PhotoGeek week #3

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In this episode of PhotoGeek’s weekly audio podcast, we tackle the issue of printers, all types of solutions including CIS ( continuous ink), wide format and color laser.
Hosts include Phil Greenwood, James Belew, Cameron Tandy and Michael Griffin.

We talk about the range of CIS kits available from AIM in Box Hill.
A little debate of whether “lightscribe” is available for Mac OS X instead of the print via inkjet method of labelling.
Here it is.
We briefly mention and idea for another episode. Back up and storage.
In answer to a question via email we discuss HD formats and data rates for “free to air” TV in Australia.
A mention of Vudu, the new IP TV unit.

In the news new flash units from Canon.
DP Review sold to Amazon.
Updates to Canon software.
A quick look at the new Sony DSC-W200 12.1 Megapixel point and shoot camera. The brand new Cybershot that is going to stretch the resources of most home computers.
A review here.

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Video of the first 6 minutes of the live stream for this weeks show.
We had some quite different technical issues this week and found that Ustream seems to disconnect it’s recording every now and then. Also that the MacBook only has one Firewire port…..time for a MacBook Pro.

Here is the stitch Cameron refers to created with Adobe Photoshop CS3.
It was shot as 13 separate images using a Canon 1D Mk11n, portrait, Shutter priority, 24mm, in a total of 5 seconds at rapid fire.