RED Digital Cinema

Peter Jackson shoots RED footage for NAB presentation

Academy Award winning director Peter Jackson (“Lord of the Rings Trilogy” and King Kong”) volunteered to shoot 4K footage for RED to use at NAB 2007. What started out as a test session quickly turned into a movie. Peter and his team shot RED Alpha prototypes, “Boris” and “Natasha”, for 2 days in New Zealand just two weeks before the opening of NAB. All footage was shot using RED’s proprietary REDCODE RAW 4K codec and recorded to RED DRIVES.

This is the most revolutionary camera in the last 30 years or so. Still, video or cinema.
The RED camera shoots uncompressed 12,065,000 pixels resolution that can only be called Ultra High Definition. As a camera it is truly the highest definition system for digital cinema.
For the $17,000 US price though you get $100,000 worth in any other brand. What this means is that all video, cinema, TV or independent productions can afford this platform. It shoots to RED drives or direct to a computer (with 3rd party compression). The HD lenses are also great value with an entire range of lenses at $5000 and up to $20,000 for a full set of 5 prime lenses.

RED drives at 320 GB are worth around $900 US
There are also a range of other components like LCD Screens and viewfinders making this a complete platform. There are even adapters for third party components like Canon lenses.
Also released is a codec for editing with Apple Final Cut Pro.

Get online at RED and take a tour of the system that may change the way video and film is shot.

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